Statistics indicate that 30 million men in the United States admit to experiencing erectile dysfunction. The likelihood of having symptoms of ED increases as men age. A surprising number of common factors often contribute to the problem.


The brain is an important but often forgotten erogenous zone for men because arousal typically begins with the thought process and progresses to a physical response. Depression may inhibit the thought patterns necessary to achieve an erection. Medications used to treat chronic forms of the disorder also dampen sex drive, make it difficult to acquire an erection or delay orgasm.

Consuming Alcohol

Having one or two drinks often relaxes a man and enhances a romantic mood. Studies also show that this amount of alcohol has some health benefits that include decreasing the risks of developing cardiovascular disorders. However, the more drinks consumed, the less likely the chance of having an erection.

Chemical Substances

Many OTC and prescription medications may interfere with the ability of achieving an erection. Antidepressants, some types of blood pressure formulations and pain relief medications top the list. Illegal substances that include amphetamines, cocaine or marijuana also cause problems in the bedroom. Stress The responsibilities of everyday life may become extreme and overwhelming at times, which hinders the possibility of getting in the mood and achieving a physical response. Learn how to alleviate stress by incorporating routine physical exercise, getting an adequate amount of sleep and eating healthy.


Anger causes blood to flow upward instead of down to the genital region where it is needed for an erection. Being angry does not promote arousal and inappropriately expressed anger or repressed anger may also cause performance issues.

Performance Anxiety

Worrying about the quality of your performance contributes to poor performance. Avoiding intimacy out of fear creates a non-ending cycle that affects the brain, physical performance and back again. Excess Weight Being overweight not only decreases self-esteem but additionally diminishes testosterone levels, which remain necessary for sex drive and erection ability. Obesity may also create high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Interference with circulation often first appears in the delicate vascular region of the genitals.


Many men who are unhappy with their physical appearance automatically assume that a partner will also not find them attractive. This mental anguish often transforms into a lack of a physical response.

Lack of Libido

The desire to have sex goes hand in hand with the ability to maintain an erection. Any factors inhibiting this interest also naturally decrease physical performance. The problems might include anything from fatigue, stress or emotional issues to medications or medical conditions.

Health Conditions

Numerous medical conditions affects circulation, muscle contractility and nerve response. Diabetes, hypertension, injuries and multiple sclerosis are some of many situations that might contribute to ED. Bladder problems or prostate surgery may also create a cause for concern. While ED may occur periodically, men experiencing prolonged problems should seek help from a physician. Or try to treat ED with one of the best male enhancement pills Max Performer. Max Performer reviews you will find here.