Chamomile Tea

5 Beneficial Herbal Teas For Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite is the lack of desire to eat food. Severe cases can even lead to anorexia. It might sound like a simple issue but if left untreated, it can lead to weakness and a drop in resistance mechanism in our body. This can give way to more sickness. Some symptoms of loss of appetite are: indigestion, constipation, mood swings, fever, nausea, cough, bad breath, weight loss and…

dry skin

5 Best Foods To Eat To Treat Dry Skin

Slathering creams on your skin is not enough for treating dry skin. The moisturizing products form a protective barrier on your skin that helps in trapping the natural oil in the skin. However, to reduce skin dryness naturally you need a treatment that helps in increasing the sebum secretion and keeps the skin hydrated naturally. One of the best ways to treat dry skin naturally is to include certain…


10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Ginger

Ginger is very well known to have the strong and fieriest roots. Ginger has hot and also therapeutic properties. It also has a sharp odor and is also utilized to make juice and numerous European and Asian cooking styles. Ginger is additionally an exceptionally well-known Ayurveda herb known not numerous basic illnesses, for example morning sickness, chest pain stomach torment and lower back torment. Ginger is additionally used to…