lavender oil

13 Ways To Use Lavender Oil For Skin And Hair

Lavender herb has a wonderful smell and it has calming and relaxing properties. A tea made with this herb helps in sleeping well. The oil extracted from the herb has healing properties and it can solve many health problems. Lavender oil was used as a perfume by the Egyptians in the olden times. It was used in a bath by the ancient Romans. The oil is an important ingredient…

dry skin

5 Best Foods To Eat To Treat Dry Skin

Slathering creams on your skin is not enough for treating dry skin. The moisturizing products form a protective barrier on your skin that helps in trapping the natural oil in the skin. However, to reduce skin dryness naturally you need a treatment that helps in increasing the sebum secretion and keeps the skin hydrated naturally. One of the best ways to treat dry skin naturally is to include certain…